If you’re an artist you probably already know about Miami Art Basel the biggest art show in America. Lots of artists from around the world are going to Miami to expose their art on walls, expensive cars and art galleries

If you're looking to add a new piece to your collection Art Basel is probably the spot.


Earlier this year an egg won the internet and now a banana is winning Miami Art Basel. Now we can finally say that 2019 was a great year for high-protein food.

This banana was bought at a local grocery store, got duct-taped to a wall and then someone paid $120,000 for it. Hopefully the banana won't be too ripe by the time the buyer take possession of his artwork. 

The artist behind what is probably now the most expensive fruit is name Maurizio Cattelan. It's the same artist who made a fully functioning 18-karat gold toilet.

“Maurizio Cattelan Duct-tape banana to a wall” $120,000


The ”Highest in the room” rapper was spotted in Miami looking at a Basquiat painting and he apparently bought an Artwork from Tom Sachs. The Krusty the Clown painting was sold for $225,000.

“Krústy Brand Seal of Approval 2019,” painted by artist Tom Sachs. 

Like his new customer, Mr. Sachs also collabed with NIKE back in 2017. Available on many resell websites.

"NikeCraft mars yard 2.0" 2017 resell price over $5,000

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