Today is the launch of Travis Scott x McDonald's collaboration !

Travis is the first celebrity to be featured on McDonald's menu since Michael Jordan in 1992 (insert life accomplishment quote here) !!!  "We are bringing together two iconic worlds. Including a charitable component was key for me, and I can't wait for people to see what we have in store." We will definitely see more collabs between fast food restaurant and artists in the future.

Wanna know what's on the menu ?

  • A quarter pounder with cheese with bacon and lettuce,
  • A medium order of french fries
  • BBQ dipping sauce
  • A Sprite


Obviously anything related to Travis comes with a new merch drop. 

My favourite items are

The redesigned MCDS tray rolling tray

 travis scott tray

The chicken nugget body pillow. 

chicken mcnugget body pillow

And this hat

travis scott and mcdonald hat

Enough with the writting, I'm hungry now... 



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