Q&A with makeup artist Felicia Harding

What’s the Color trend for 2018 ?

This year's Pantone colour of the year is ULTRA-VIOLET. It's a dedication to Prince who had passed away last year. I get so much inspiration from him and his style so I love that this colour is the trend for 2018.

Do you get inspired by anyone ? Who ? Why?

I get inspired by so many different things. It could be a painting, the weather, people, it really depends on my mood. For my more basic everyday makeup I take a lot of inspiration from my co-workers at Sephora. It's nice that we all inspire each other and push ourselves to do creative things! When I do more sfx looks, I take a lot of inspiration from movies/ tv shows/ real life injuries.



What style you like ?

I don't believe I have just one style. Being an artist to me is about versatility. I get bored easily so if I were do to do the same thing all the time I wouldn't like what I do anymore. If I were to do one makeup style for the rest of my life it would be editorial makeup. You can't really get bored from it because it's everything you'd see in a magazine. From natural to completely out of the box looks.

Freestyle or planning ?

Mostly freestyle. Sometimes I'll just sit in front of my mirror and grab a palette and just see the look come to life. I pull my inspiration from the palettes I grab. On other days where I see something I loved (let's say on Instagram or pinterest) I'll take inspiration from it and make my own version of it.

How long does it take ?

Completely depends on the look. Most makeup looks take 30-45 mins. Special effects makeup will take 1-3 hours. And body painting is usually a very big day, ranging between 3-5 hours.



Make up or face painting ?

Makeup. Face painting is a lot of fun during Halloween and I am obsessed with it. But it takes a lot of my creativity and energy to do the looks. Usually once October is over and all the Halloween madness dies down, I feel mentally drained.

product recommendation

Skin care. If you're going to be doing makeup and special effects everyday you definitely want to balance your skin with a good routine. I have a 7-10 step routine that I follow on a daily basis. Its an investment but in the long run it's way better to prevent aging then wait for it to happen and try to fix it after.

For makeup, everyone needs a colourful palette. My favorites are the Sephora collection Pro editorial palette. I get so inspired from this palette and it's a go to for me. Apart from that I use the makeup forever flash palette almost every time I do a special effects makeup or body paint! It's all cream paints that include your primary and secondary colours and is a lot of fun to play with on set.

And for special effects, 3rd degree is my go to product for making skin effects like cuts and wounds. Its a silicone product that adheres to your skin, and looks like skin. Its so fun and easy to work with!

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