How much would you pay for a GIF ?


Despite the fact that digital art is a form of art, it is also true that it is not accepted worldwide. The traditional artists criticize that this kind of art is nothing like using paint and other media. Many criticize the aesthetic of digital art. The sense of touching the emotion through the form of catharsis is the thing which is not depicted in the digital art. People love to spend their money on something tangible more than on something they can't feel.
forever rose crypto art

However, it is also true that the story has other and opposite side too. People are starting to appreciate the beauty and depth of digital art. As the saying goes, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. A great example of digital artist that made it is Kevin Abosch’s his piece "Forever Rose" was sold for 1 million USD on Valentine's Day (I would rather get a car and a house but I guess if you can spend 1 million on art you already have both). This example proves that digital artwork has the capacity of being forever. 
Michael Green is auctionning for more than $2000 USD a gif inspired from Jeff Koons "Balloon Dog".
Here's a free one :)


I feel that digital art is an add-on to one of the oldest type of art and not everyone is ready to accept it like not everyone is accepting smartphones, social network or sending an email instead of a letter. 

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