How Art Shapes our Everyday Lives

Have you ever heard the expression, “A picture speaks louder than a thousand words?” This prescient phrase perfectly sums up how I feel about art and the myriad of images which it both literally and figuratively projects. Art is multi-dimensional in that you can be observing one magnificent image created by a talented artist and it immediately stimulates your mind into cathartically experiencing beauty and pain and passion simultaneously. The strokes of the artist transport you to a different dimension which lies somewhere in the void between past and present and enables you to view broader glimpses of the process which brought them to that result. It also amplifies your unique perception of what the definition of “breathtaking” really means and how it can indissolubly be manifested in everyday life.

In fact, art isn’t just contained within the timeless capsules of paintings. It can be discovered within limitless spectrums which range, from your innate imagination/whimsical fantasies to the everyday routines which compose the essence of our life. For example, take the concept of a shower and morph it into something far more ethereal and sublime than first meets the eye. The droplets of water spray in a crystal shower of beads as they cascade down the surface of your body. They collect and pool into secret memories in the crevices of your mind. The sensation of water striking your body may even transport you on a journey of unknown regions, but mesmerizing elements. You are creating art within the hallowed confines of your mind.




This artistic theory of mine is simply an attempt to make you see how present art is in our everyday lives. You could be doing anything from taking a neighbourhood stroll, to browsing the shelves of your local library, to savouring an amazing dessert. Art is emblematized through how we feel, think, and see our universe when we are not over-analyzing it, but simply experiencing it. Art is an emotional catalyst for both positive and negative emotions as well. This applies to physical, as well as spiritual art cultivated within the foundation of our mind and its interlinking stimuli. The main conclusion to be drawn from this piece about the dynamic nature of art, is that we should all be able to uniquely appreciate and nurture it.


Serena Rauch

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