Home Swag : home staging

Last week we had the pleasure to chat with  our good friend, Julie Pilon, an interior designer from Montreal. She talked to us about the possibility of renting out art pieces for future home staging plans.

Let's start this post by dropping some home staging knowledge. Home staging is used when someone wants to sell a property. It's a good way to make your home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers. However, it could be expensive and most stores have a 30 day return policy. Therefore she suggests her clients to rent an art piece for their open house or for any residential photo shoots.

For instance, one day she contacted us about regarding on of her client. We recommended her to rent an art piece from our website for his home showing since he didn't have as many visits as expected. A little decoration on his walls and better picture angles changed it all!


All the colors on these paintings add lots of texture to this contemporary house. 





"With the rental of this painting I was able to add a little something to this reading place". Colors on the painting match the ones on the chair. It brings more creativity than an empty wall.


Be careful !!! You don't want a clear varnish if there's too much light because the reflection might affect your pictures.





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