Get to know : Frank First

Exploring mainly the urban nature of Montreal and the surrounding by visiting abandoned places and tracks sides with a spray paint as the main medium, I started doing graffiti around the years 2008-09 with couple friends of mine for the sake of going against the grain.
I gotta admit, the first 2 to 3 years where pretty much focused on developing the interest and the skills to get my name known, probably the hardest years to keep the confidence high, but by the end of 2012, my attention was getting more and more around doing the art ’’ properly ’’ than getting my name up. A thing led to the other, we are now in 2018 and by focusing on the right things like how to do it and who are the models to take example from, my interest has changed a bit when it comes to the surfaces on what im doing it and who are the ones to elevate and helps me to, but the sens of discovery and the will to take it to another step every time I grab a can make my passion grow every day more and more.
I made a lot of good friends trough these years, good and positive people, I think its the key to everything I know. The scene around Montreal is growing nonstop since couple decades now, so the influences and the motivation wont stop, can’t wait to see where all that is gonna bring me !

On the other hand, I always got my creativity satisfied even when I wasn’t on the field; canvas, little commission works here and there, art school, etc. I believe in working smarter than harder, my art work in general can be describe as graphic and organized, which is pretty much the complete opposite of my lifestyle hehe ! Give me pieces of wood, metal, plastic, brief, anything that looks used  and I’ll add some impulsive abstract tendencies, letter forms, or figurative concepts to make the best work I can with it. I believe that good things take times, and great projects can be made with anything surrounding us on the daily.


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