Event : Oh Wonder in MTL

Oh Wonder, an indie-electro band with wonder up their sleeve!


Thursday night, September 21st, 8:30 pm, the formerly Metropolis venue is sporting a brand new M Telus logo. The room is packing up, eager to see the band Oh Wonder perform. The opening act, Jaymes Young, comes on stage and the crowd is ready. Jaymes last played in Montreal in 2014 when he was opening for Vance Joy and he now tours with Oh Wonder. The American singer-songwriter plays slower indie-electro pieces from his 2014 Habits of my Heart EP. He ends strong with more alternative-indi upbeat hits from his debut album Feel Something released on June 2017, such as I’ll Be Good.

The crowd is very enthusiastic when Oh Wonder comes on stage. Their entrance is powerful, delivering indie-electro songs like High on Humans or Solo from their recent album Ultralife released on July 2017. They alternate with many popular hits from their debut album such as Livewire, Lose It and Technicolor Beat. Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West, the British duo, quickly gain the audience’s admiration. Many fans attended their first concert, last year on October 2016 at the Corona Theatre for their debut album Oh Wonder and had to repeat the experience this year at M Telus.

Their albums don’t pay tribute to their live talent. Their generosity and interaction with the audience is remarkable. They share many stories, including Body Gold, the first song they ever wrote and started playing 10 years ago. At the time, it was a small gig in London, UK, in front of six people. They are grateful to be playing in Montreal in front of a bigger audience than last year, indeed 2000 people as compared to 800 people at the Corona Theatre. Furthermore, they welcome a family member on stage to accompany them with saxophone for one song. Josephine even takes the time to take a picture of the crowd with a fan’s camera and practices her French with the audience.


The fans demand more and stomp on the floor for the encore. The British band comes back on stage and delivers a solid conclusion to a melodious night. The audience sings in unison to the main chorus of Ultralife and All We Do singles. Their love for music and the duo’s chemistry is transcending. “All we” can “do” is “wonder” when they will come back to make us feel an “ultralife” again!



Ari Bloom



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