When Street Artists and Designers Collab

One of the first modern graffiti writer was named "Cornbread". He started tagging Philli’s walls in the 60’s. A couple years ago if you wanted to make money being a graffiti artist wasn’t the easiest way. But who knew that one day the ones writing on public walls illegally would be making more money from their art than some singers and actors. 

Business owners are now paying to have their walls personalized, art shows featuring graffiti artists are selling out and designers are on the hunt for the next street artist for their collection.

What was once understood to be a public nuisance is now becoming a platform for public voice. Graffiti is no longer limited to appreciation by a niche crowd, it is craved by those typically inclined towards the more traditional works. However, we all know the best type of art is not "safe art", it is art that works outside the box, that broadens our minds, and that allows us to step over the edge. Designers such as Louis Vuitton, typically well known House of Couture, with a loyal following of the bourgeosie for 100 years, now includes works with graffiti painted all over their biggest selling bags. Those not typically appreciative of graffiti, now find themselves yearning to become a part of this crowd.

On the other end, the graffiti artist welcomes this platform and paints a critique on the social norm. Graffiti artists collaborating with Couture houses beg the question and push the idea of classicism that arises from brands like Louis Vuitton. They begin breaking barriers in almost a social revolution.










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