Christmas Gifts for the artist you LOVE

The holidays are right around the corner! A lot of people are wondering what to buy for their artistic sibling, friend, partner, etc. Before anyone receives a mandala colouring book and a couple of Crayola markers, I prepared a list of easy and fun ideas that can be great presents! All you have to do is click on the picture and believe in the power of amazon. ;)


#1 Unstretched canvas 

The more you buy, the more you get for your buck! I personally bought the 63-inch by 6-yards one. You can easily cut it and use the amount required.

You can chose between primed and unprimed. It's Christmas time, you can afford to spend an extra $30 for the one you love. Think about all the time they’ll be saving from priming their canvas.


unstretched prime canvas


not primed unstretched canvas


#2 Brushes

No one ever has enough brushes! We either don’t wash them properly or simply forget to wash them! Unfortunately, paint dries out on them and they end up in the garbage. So as previously mentioned, no artist ever has enough brushes. Paint brushes are their key to success for a perfect art piece.


    brushes from meeden professional sable hair


#3 Blackbook/Sketchbook

Call it what you want, as long as it has spirals and thick pages, it’ll get the job done!

sketchbook from






 Christmas is almost here. Benefit from 2 day shipping from amazon prime

#4 Paint

I usually use Liquitex paint because it's not too expensive and I love the texture. This paint is easy to mix with other colors or to liquefy if ever you want to make drip effects.

Liquitex basics paint


#5 Varnish

All artists always need it, but we hate to buy it. It’s best to buy the big bottle because artists often use it and you get a way better price/ounce ratio. 



  Liquitex gloss varnish


#6 Sharpie

They work great on paper, metal, wood and canvas. They also have a big range of various colors.



Sharpie paint from amazon


#7 Easel

The price of easels varies from very expensive to more affordable. (I don't think you should spend $300 on one!) Honestly, it always gets messy when I paint so I always aim for the cheaper ones. As long as it can keep my canvas straight, it's all that matters!

Affordable one 

  easel 57 inch from


Expensive one



#8 High flow paint

This is definitely your go-to if you don't feel like mixing paint, or if you don't want the artist that lives with you to mix paint with paint thinners over your sink. This product is not the most needed, but it will definitely be useful one day or another.


golden high flow acrylic paint


#9 External hard drive

Clean all those large files off your computer! Such as digital painting, pictures for collages, street art, high quality pictures of your art, etc.



Link to for seagate 1tb hard drive






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