Passion over profit : why I chose art as a career

The Stigmatization behind pursuing an Art Career in contrast to its many virtues. 

As far back as I can remember, art has consistently been denigrated and viewed derogatorily as a field in general and as a professional pursuit in particular. While it can be said that select classic and prolific works of art such as Leonardo Davinci's painting depicting "Mona Lisa" or Michelangelo's statue of "David", have been greatly and historically admired, the same principle of devout veneration is not presently applied to those practicing and art career in contemporary society.

Starving artists ?

In fact, most of the terms I hear which are connected to artists are quite mocking and dismissive in tone and include such things as, "starving artist", "eccentric individual", and "insufferable inventor". Realistically speaking, young and move mature artists alike are not typically encourage to rely on art as a predominant means of employment.



I can directly relate to this disconcerting trend myself, because as someone who dedicated her time and passion to studying English Literature within the broad field of Arts, I was regularly belittled and informe how my time was ill spent in selecting this educational path. I, on the other hand, ardently disagreed as I have always been one to endorse the benefits of passion over profit. As a highly creative and intellectually rather than financially concerned individual, some might call me "romantic" or "frivolous" in my way of thinking, but I truly believe there is a divine beauty to unabashedly creating art in its myriad of forms.

To supplement my thesis related to the emotional and educational benefits of valuing art and its multitude of empowering elements, I feel that art molds kind, creatively brilliant, and sensitive subjects through the many different mediums which are employed. Whether it is visual art, music, or the construction of narratives which you are committing to exploring, each has a fundamental purpose in culturally and aesthetically stimulating our universe and the artistic pupils within our unique repertoire of knowledge. Art builds character and critical thinking skills, as wee as heightens our awareness of the vastness of the world and how we must strive to leave a memorable imprint on its surface. Art ensures the attainment of powerful perspectives and awe-inspiring sensations and to me those results are priceless.
Serena Rauch

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