50 Cent is known for all of his music hits, business moves and... to start online beef with people like Ja Rule, The Game, NYC police dept. and even Oprah Winfrey. 

But now for the first time 50 has beef with a famous Australian graffiti artist @LUSHSUX . Lushsux did a couple murals using a combination of Fifty's face with other celebrities like Donald Trump, 6ix9ine, Post Malone and Taylor Swift.

Here's a couple of the murals Lushsux did : 


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imagine your the next door neighbour to this house

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Swifty Cent



The project is called 50 week, but after seing all the attention 50 Cent is giving to the portraits the artist decided to switch it to 50 month. "This is some bullshit man, but how the hell is he doing it so fast" Curtis said after seing how fast the artist was doing the portraits. 

Even ja Rule said that Lushsux was his new favorite artist...

Let's see this week who 50 will be portrayed as... hopefully we can get a mash up of 50 with a Canadian celebrity like Drake or Justin Trudeau !


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