5 steps to get yourself noticed through social media.

whether you are an artist, a business man or a politician social media is a great way to reach to your fans and to get a bigger audience. 

1- Know your audience

Before jumping in and investing time on creating your social media account, analyze which platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube, etc.) are used by your fans or your potential buyers. (Don’t hesitate to ask them the question!)

2- Post daily!

Any content posted on social media, remains on the user’s news feed for approximately 14 hours. Therefore it’s best to publish content every day, or at least 3 times a week. On some platforms, you can publish several times a day such as on Instagram and Snapchat.

3- Vary your content 

Nothing is more boring than following a page that always publishes the same type of content. To continue entertaining your fans, publish different types of content like videos, lives, photos, Youtube links and web articles. The more like, comment and follow you get the more chance you have to get on the explore tab !



4- Establish guidelines

You have to focus on your goal. You don’t want your page just to be another page within many others. That’s why it’s important you set guidelines. The secret? Establishing 3 to 5 themes that you will be able to exploit. These themes must be intimately linked to your art and, more importantly, to your fans. For example, it can be based on your inspirations. It could be a photo of something that inspires you, a video of you creating your art piece with music in the background, etc. Your creativity will take care of the rest.

5- Show the "behind the scenes"

People enjoy watching clips of behind the scene actions of the personalities they like (or hate). Take advantage of the moment to show how you create your work, what you do daily, what makes you so passionate about your art. With this strategy, you will create a sense of belonging because people will feel like they know you although it’s a virtual meeting.

With these tips in the palm of your hands, you now know the basics to start building notoriety on social media. Add your style, your uniqueness, and you will to break the internet!



Rémi Courchesne
Marketing Specialist



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